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Factors to Consider When Choosing a Substance Abuse Recovery Center

Substance abuse can result when one is trying to get rid of some past pains. Addiction, poor academic performance, and health issues are some of the problems that can result when one becomes a substance abuser. The best way to help a victim of substance abuse is to take them to a recovery center. It is not good to settle for any substance abuse recovery center without some considerations. However, it can be hard to determine a good substance abuse recovery center out of the many options. You should test the reliability of a substance abuse recovery center before choosing it.

You can test the suitability of a substance abuse recovery center based on its treatment programs. You might not get effective recovery if you choose a substance abuse recovery center that offers a single treatment program. A variety of treatment programs will be in a position to cater for the wellness of an entire victim. Checking the programs offered by a substance abuse recovery center is advisable before choosing it. Some of the treatment programs a substance abuse treatment center should use include outpatient treatment, family programs, and aftercare plans and alumni programs among others.

Another thing you should scrutinize before choosing a substance abuse recovery center is the professional level of its staff. A substance abuse recovery center that is dominated by quacks should be avoided. You can be sure to get the best treatment options from a well-trained team of staff. If a substance abuse recovery center is hesitant in disclosing its professional issues, then its credibility should be questionable. You should not settle for a substance abuse recovery center that is unlicensed. A licensed is proof that the recovery coaches are well trained according to the state’s requirements.

References can be of great help in telling whether a substance abuse recovery center is reliable. You can tell whether a substance abuse recovery center has a good reputation based on references. You will find testimonials from the websites of the substance abuse recovery centers in question. Avoid choosing a substance abuse recovery center that has received massive complaints from clients. Complaints from clients prove that the substance recovery center in question has not been effective in helping them gain sobriety.

Finally, ensure that the substance abuse recovery center you are choosing offers an aftercare program. After care service will ensure that clients are on the right track towards their recovery. You will be guaranteed of achieving a long term sobriety if you settle for a substance abuse recovery center that gives aftercare support.

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The Energy Subsidy, Who Dares, And Who Cares?

What is the subsidy? It’s a government incentive, a financial aid extended to an economic sector. The World Trade Organization mentioned five types of governmental subsidies: cash subsidies, tax concessions, assumption of risk, government procurement policies that pay more than the free market price, stock purchases that keep a company’s stock price higher than market levels.  Consumption subsidies reduce the price of goods and services to consumers, and from the other side, production subsidy encourages producers/suppliers to increase the production of a particular product, so the market would promote it without raising the final price to consumers. It is well known that; the subsidy is applied with the aim of promoting social and economic policies. So it is clear that the subsidy which is counted as a burden on government, more expenditure, (means more pressures), from the other hand consumers are not prepared for its removal or redirection, unless compensated after a rational debate with conviction!!  The citizens will not accept any attempt or an action towards a price increase; it is a very hard issue for them to give up after acquisition!!  Therefore government leaders could not raise prices; otherwise they will be faced with a strong opposition, unrest, street protests, and strikes………… especially if a price raise is linked to necessities.                                                                                      Here at this area I will try to focus at the issue of energy subsidy reform. For many years and up to the present time a government‘s efficiency is measured through its ability to promote democratic principles, improve security, reduce poverty, and fight against corruption. Therefore a government might think that the big energy subsidy which benefits all citizens should be directed towards infrastructures, education, and all services which reduce poverty. If the price of energy is low, then the cost of energy subsidy reform will be low and possible to succeed, but if the price of energy is high, then cost of a failure subsidy reform will be high. Some people think that government should reduce fuel/energy subsidy, because a high energy subsidy will make less budget spending on other potential development fields such as infrastructure, education, clean water and so on. They believe that energy subsidy must not make a welfare loss, as it might benefit the rich more than the poor, as you know mathematically speaking the subsidy functions like a negative tax. They also believe that; economic inefficiency is created by a subsidy, because it costs a government more to enact the subsidy than the subsidy creates additional benefits to consumers and producers. While other economists believe that; subsidies are not bad for a society, they raise a surplus in market, and make sense when considering fairness and equity issues and market availability under rational prices for all subsidized necessities such as food and energy.                                                                                          I think that the oil (energy/fuel) subsidy must be applied when international oil prices are rising. Most countries subsidize fuel costs in order to stop its prices ballooning. The popular government is that one which; lower prices and control inflation, keep many businesses alive, and increases the access of goods and services to its citizens; all these mentioned goals are counted as subsidy advantages. From the other hand the subsidy disadvantages; might emerge when a government is pushed to impose high taxes or face a supply shortage, and I believe this is not a big issue compared to the advantages. Although we have got different views about subsidies in general and energy subsidy in particular, the G-20 leaders in the year 2009 made the elimination of energy subsidies a central element of their policy platform. Those policy active reforms, along with the big decline in international oil prices, have brought energy subsidies to their lowest levels in several years (up to the year2019).  Later on, at the UN Climate Change Conference, many countries indicated that they are planning to adopt an array of national policies reforms, including reforms of energy subsidy policies. So the problems with energy subsidy reforms have been known for a long time, the resources spent on subsidies could be devoted to other important social purposes!!?? Fixing the problem of energy subsidy has not been an easy one, as energy subsidy reform is mainly a challenge of political economy.                                                                                                  Can we in the Sudan carry out a successful energy subsidy reform programs?    I think the timing for implementing such a program is not suitable at all!! All types of reform: pricing, institutional, informational and complementary will face difficulties, and obstacles, (economic, technical and administrative). If the Sudanese government increased the fuel prices that will flame the high prices for everything and the present status of hyper inflation will be even worse. The collapsing economy will be without legs and feet!!  A cash transfer targeted to poor households’ reform program will not work because of weak institutions and lack of perfect information linked to the poor population. Also if the Sudanese government decided to redirect the energy subsidy to complementary services for the poor citizens, this is not going to happen smoothly, because there is a continuous high deficit in current expenses. All funds coming from the subsidy removal will be directed to cover the government running expenses. Therefore any strategy for elimination of energy subsidies in the Sudan right now, will end without any success, I bet the economy will be burning in a great hell!                                                                                         The Sudanese economy is very different; it cannot be compared with G-2o, or even with most of the developing countries. The Sudan has been under global economic sanctions, (American economic sanctions) for more than twenty years, with corruption and poverty, dominating the whole country, therefore psychologically and politically we are very different!! Therefore we should not think of importing any foreign experiments which are not applicable to our political, social and cultural environment, otherwise we will be strongly shocked!!                                                                                          Finally we have to remember that; when others talk about the energy subsidy, they mean that their local price is less than the international price of oil. So if the global oil price decreased, there will be no subsidy, or a declining one. But for the Sudanese odd case; the subsidy for everything including energy, is coming out from the wrong exchange rate policies!!    The continuous crazy devaluations in the local currency, is the main cause of subsidies, then we have to place our exchange rate issue on top of our economic priority problems, and think of it at the first level.    

Dr. Isam Elzein Elmahi Ahmed

Faculty of Economics and Administrative Sciences

Mashreq University                                                            

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Looking for A Cheap Family Travel?

It is essential that you take your family out for vacation. It is a great way to enhance the family bond and ensure that every in the family is happy by having fun. There are many things that you have to consider when finding a place to go with your family. It is vital that you make a plan for your family trip and ensure that everything is done right. Planning properly is always the key to achieving a successful activity.

One of the major things that you are required to do is to consider is your budget. Money is everything when you want to go on a trip. Without finances, you will not be able to do anything. You need finances to book a flight to your desired destination. There are a number of cheap flights that can take you and your family to your holiday vacation. You also need money to book accommodation. The place you will be staying for the entire time can be a vacation house, a condo, a hotel room, among others. You have to find a hotel room that will accommodate your family and all your belongings. It is also vital that the accommodation you get has affordable rates. It is also essential that other services you will require while on vacation, for example, restaurant food, transport, gym, among other things are affordable. Your flight and accommodation are some of the things that can cost you a fortune if you do not find an ideal place.

If you are not sure which holiday destination will ensure your young ones are happy and it is affordable at the same time, you should seek the help of travel agents. Tour agencies know plenty of vacation destinations and they can suggest an ideal place that is affordable. They will also help you book a hotel room that can fit all your loved ones and the items you have carried. The hotel will also have cheap rates. In as much as the hotel room is cheap, it is vital that your stay is made comfortable. The place should be clean. There should be constant supply of water because you have your family as well that will need to use the water. The hotel should also be near major transport networks and near major tourist attractions. The restaurants available should also provide a variety of healthy food. Travel agencies are also instrumental when you want to book your flight to your preferred destination. They know which airlines offer cheap flights to your holiday destination.

Once everything that will be required for the trip falls within your budget, you can start packing because you are taking your loved ones on a trip. Enough cash is always the issue and if you have it, you will not have a problem with the rest of the logistics. You need to know the right clothes for flights, especially long flights. If you have a child that uses diapers, you should ensure that you pack enough of them.

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Tips When Finding A Remarkable Audio Visual Production Agency

If you want a perfect video production service provider. They offer practical audiovisual production activities, and this enables their clients to get impressive films and videos. You can contact these agencies over the digital platform. Their websites are fed with the latest details and proof of what they’ve done. Again, you can examine the locally based audiovisual production agencies. They are preferred because of their availability and effectiveness. Always contact any recommended and referred audiovisual production firm. The entities have been proved, tested and known for their efficiency. The following noble points should guide you in finding a reputable and magnificent audiovisual production firm. First, recognize all the legitimate, accessible and available audiovisual production firms. The entities can be reached quickly and fast through their email address, phone numbers and websites. You can also examine if the audiovisual production agency is responsive in service. The firms are preferred due to their 24/7 working program. This shows when you urgently need their services; then they will be available for assistance.

Ask the audiovisual production firm for their permits or their licenses to prove they’ve been verified, validated and authorized to serve. This is imminent for it means the firms will be exceptional for they follow the laid out stipulations and methods. This is meticulous to their clients as they will guarantee them of genuine and authentic service. Also, consider picking a trained and educated audiovisual production entity. These specialists are recommended and preferred due to their qualifications. They are specialized and up to the task so they will offer the best service. Know also the time the audiovisual production agency takes to complete the service. A timely and effective audiovisual production firm should be considered for they won’t back down in service. The firms are committed, dedicated and even ambitious when handling their client’s projects.

More so, chat with long-time operating audiovisual production agency. The companies are enviable and fabulous in service. They have accomplished different such task, and so their exposure level is high. With an exposed audiovisual production agency, one will be in for effective, peculiar service offered by knowledgeable and skilled specialists. Moreover, you need to bank on a high quality-oriented audiovisual production company. These specialists are invaluable and peculator. Check some of their previous work for fact-finding. Again, of the audiovisual production agency is treasured, preferred and admired by all and sundry, then they will benefit you.

You must also compare different audiovisual production firms based on their charges. There are cheap and pricey audiovisual production experts one can go for. However, one’s budget is vital since it will enlighten you in picking a fabulous, considerate and reasonable firm. Such entities will fit properly to your budget. Remember also to book a highly invested audiovisual production company. The entities are meticulous since they have the needed resources, utilities and proper technology to handle their services. The benefit with such firms is they are ready and willing to offer imminent service. Finally, hire a recognized and reputable audiovisual production firm.

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